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Yes, we care about customers. You paid 800 bucks ? Thank you.


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Yes. I couldnt agree more GAMEDRIX. I got my Vive Pro 2 at launch-day, and had none of the vertical lines initially. (was a very soft/smooth image). After one of the first few firmware updates I noticed that the image was much sharper, and I could see pixels for the first time. Thought at first my eyes has just adjusted to the high-res screens. But then I noticed the faint, but very noticable vertical lines. Find it so strange(and unacceptable) that the only real acknowledgements of the issue from HTC are the posts you share. Since then, dead silence. I went through support (hoping there was actual calibration software available) but all it got me was a re-installation of everything vive and everyting steamVR. Didnt fix anything. And seems noone had any luck getting their HMD repaired either from what I can read here.

So please, HTC, is this an issue we, as customers, can expect to be fixed or not?`Its a very simple yes or no question.

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