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Questions on Vive Focus 3 Development in Unreal Engine


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Looking for some answers regarding Vive Focus 3 dev in UE4.

5 simple questions.

1. There's a stickied post that points to a github repo for the Wave SDK that seems to have been abandoned the moment it was announced, it doesn't contain pushes for the last 2 releases of the Wave SDK. Any plans to resurrect this? I for one like to look at deltas, masters and would contribute pull requests.

2. Is 4.27 support on the horizon? The 4.26 plugin doesn't compile.

3. Is OpenXR support coming this year?

4. Is Vulkan support planned for the Focus 3?

5. Is there a paid support tier where engineers answer questions? We're part of the ISV program and the support email is not staffed by engineers and technical questions simply go unanswered.

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I was able to modify the Wave SDK source code to work with 4.27, changing about 20 lines of C++ which caused the compilation to fail because of slightly changed function signatures on UE4.27's side. I haven't really tested it out yet, nor do I know if I can share the code based on the license, but what I did to find and correct these bugs are the following steps - I REPEAT ONCE AGAIN BARELY TESTED USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

1. Download the Wave zip, in the plugin (see lowercase) folder, find the file "plugin.uproject". Right click this in File Explorer and select "Switch Unreal Engine Version" (even if you only have 4.27), select 4.27 and click ok.

2. UE4 should generate project files. Double click on plugin.sln, open Visual Studio, and right click the plugin target in the solution explorer on "plugin" and select build. 

3. VS should spit out a bunch of errors. The only things I recall that need tweaking is changing mentions to ->Resource to ->GetResource() and ->SetResource(), and accepting FRHICommandListImmediate& RHICmdList to a few function override signatures (also refer to UE4 source + intellisense). 

4. If you fix these, it should build in VS, and therefore 4.27. Then (not sure if necessary) open plugin.uproject, and follow any additional instructions. The plugin in the Plugins folder should open in 4.27 compatible NOTE ONCE AGAIN BARELY TESTED USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

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HI there,

We are also developing a VR title with UE4.27 using openXR. At this stage, the headset and controllers are tracked but it's impossible to bind the correct input. The controllers are recognized as Cosmos controllers in SteamVR. 
We have integrated the 4.26 Wave SDK and made it work with 4.27. The wave Input was then available in our input system but even when the game actions were bound to the controller actions, the game is not registering any when running.

Is this a limitation due to the openXR compatibility ? Would it work if we were running this in openVR?

Thanks in advance @Alex_HTC @joshn_vive

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HTC reps in Aus told me last week that beta UE4.27 support may be coming this month.

Has any UE devs here confirm that the current UE4.26 support for Focus 3 is good enough to ship with?

Vive folks, it would be good to see some more docs for UE development. Including a sample project known to work.  @Marc Moukarzel

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