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VIVE PRO 2 with VIVE PRO Hardware

Jörg Weber

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3 minutes ago, Jörg Weber said:
I have got my VIVE PRO 2.
 I connected the old VIVE PRO to my PC. Do I have to exchange the link box and the cables (DisplayPort)? 
Another question.
 I also want to use the old HTV VIVE PRO on my PC. Can this be done alternately with the same link box?



You need to update the Linkbox and All in one cable for VP2. 

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14 minutes ago, Jörg Weber said:
Thanks for the help

I mean the USB 3.0 cable and the Displayport cable are the same, right?
Do I have to completely start the software setup for the PRO 2 again?

USB and DP can use the same one.

You need to install vive console for Vive Pro 2.
Currently, there are 2 ways to obtain the software, from Steam or from vive.com


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