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Foveated ray tracing in HTC Vive Eye Pro

bipul mohanto

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I have the following hardware:

  1. HTC Vive Eye Pro 
  2. 2*NVidia RTX 3090 GPUs

What I want to achieve: interactive ray tracing for a complex scene where the rays (e.g., primary rays) can be modified with respect to the gaze position. 

Question: What is the best available API/ Engine/ Library to implement gaze-contingent ray tracing algorithm? Or for example, I extend to work on path tracing algorithm.

  1. First I tried the unity3D, however, I have found the unity3d VR still support the directx11, and have not been updated to directx12, so ray tracing is not supported. 
  2. From the Unity discussion forum: RTX is not supported in VR in UE4 as of 4.26
  3. There is a publication on RayVR, author used DirectX Raytracing-Falcor to enable ray tracing on VR (tr-05-2019.pdf (impa.br)), however the code repository is not available for public
  4. Few publications, worked on VR and ray tracing used OpenCL RadeonRays

I would really appreciate if the experts show me a way that I should use to achieve my goal. I am really lost and randomly trying different path. 


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