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Retrieve physic values from a GameObject tracked with HTC Vive Tracker 3.0


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Hello there,

I'm using an HTC Vive Tracker 3.0 with two base stations 2.0 to track a sphere in my unity project.
I must print on screen, like in a HUD, the physic information about the sphere.
The sphere is a gameobject with Rigidbody component and the Steam VR_Tracked Object script.
I managed to retrieve the position (x,y,z) and the euler angle, but I cannot find a way to retrieve speed (in the three component), angular velocity, acceleration, and all the other physic valus that I can derive form a moving 3D object: in the panel Info of the rigidbody component, speed value always increase up to 40 and then resets itself to 0, velocity stays 0 for X and Z and increase for Y like the speed value, angular velocity never change even if I move the tracker.

I there a way, via script o directly form the component, to obtain what I need?

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