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SRanipal High CPU Usage Question


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Hey all, so I couldn't find any help about this. There was only one other forum post but nobody actually explained how they fixed it.

My cpu usage for SRanipal fluctuates from 38% to 43% consistently. I am not sure what to do to try and lower it. RAM is about 31 MB. Disk and Network are essentially 0 and GPU is about 9% for this. 

Runtime Version:

Runtime Type: Public

Eye Camera Version: 2.41.0-942e3e4

Lip Camera Version: 50100

I am using the facial tracker as well with it, however when I disabled eye tracking the SRanipal CPU Usage dropped all the way down to 4%. So the facial tracker is barely affecting CPU Usage but the eye tracker by itself is draining my CPU by 33% to 38%. 

Does anyone know what features might be causing this or any kind of settings I could change? I would assume SRanipal is not supposed to be this high.

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