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Query on skeletal models and how to use it for custom pawns


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Hi guys,


Great work on this hand detection sdk. Im working in unreal with Vive pro2, i have a metahuman pawn that was originally used for interaction in game. I would like to switch out the vr controllers to this hand detection plugin. Currently I have a crash whenever i try to switch out the skeletal mesh of rigged hand to my mesh, but this is probably because the bone heirarchies dont match.


My question is: is it possible to use the hand detection on a skeleton mesh that has the full body, and the respective hand bone names are matched exactly to what the rigged hand skeleton had?

To elaborate, id have a full skeleton structure including both hands, and i want to map the hand detection to this skeleton.


Let me know if you have any suggestions or have done it already and i might have missed it in the documentation


Best regards,


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