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How to move Viveport applications to another drive


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I know its been a while, blame Christmas!!... But your suggestion didnt work, even though im able to see and change the location of where I want the save to go, im basically ignored once the download begins.


However, im happy to try the suggestions by Jose Navarro and Stanto over the next few days.


I'll keep you posted.





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Why is it that 2 years later, this is still a problem?


Steam has the ability to move games to another drive.
Origin has the ability to move games to another drive.

Battle.net has the ability to move games to another drive.

Oculus has the the ability to move games to another drive.

Windows 10 has the ability to move Microsoft Store games to another drive!

Uplay lets you locate locate installed games, so you can copy, uninstall, and re add them without downloading.


Spent about 2 hours trying to find a real fix, but I couldn't find anything. Closest I got was finding install references in appdata\local\htc\viveport\installed_apps.json and changed the install locations, but when you launch Viveport it immediately goes back to the way it was. So there's something else somewhere, but I can't find it.


You've basically got 2 options with Viveport... Completely re install games or if you were saavy enough to think about it, create a symbolic link.


If your Viveport games are on C:\Vive and you want to move them to E:\Vive...

Exit out of Viveport

Copy the contents of the C:\Vive folder to E:\Vive

Rename C:\Vive (example: C:\Vivedelete)

Run Command Prompt

mklink /D C:\Vive E:\Vive

Launch Viveport and then launch any game/app to be sure it worked.

Delete C:\Vivedelete (or whatever you renamed the folder to)


Hopefully somebody who develops the Viveport app will realize the ability to move your games and apps to another drive is much needed. Especially when people use SSD for the OS, but larger HDDs for everything else.

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thank you for the follow up. I started googling for solutions after wanting to transfer my downloads (227gb) to a different drive while reorganizing where things are. Pretty much how I found myself here. I made it work with a symbolic link, but that's not something people are going to just think of.


I realize each platform and client has their own way of doing things, and really, Viveport is pretty decent considering it's been around a fraction of the time. So while it's not going to make me turn away from Viveport, such a feature would certainly bring it another step in a positive direction. In general, I'm happy with Viveport though, and I've been with it since the beginning, so I hope to keep seeing it mature and grow.


Anyway, thanks, and hopefully down the line such a feature can be added.

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- That's a very acute statement - I assume you work professionally in tech :D? That's more or less the situation here - feature sets like this are found in more mature stores because you have to align your entire DRM and SDK architecture to support something which ends up as a simplistic UX feature on the front-end. Many VR studios are new to shipping software, it's super wild west as to how their builds generate things like their own registry entries and it can be hard to encapsulate and repair them.


After talking with our PC client team, we believe we have a workaround:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, move the application folders to the newly desired destination
  2. Start the Viveport application as an administrator. Next, remove the app within the Viveport client. No files should be deleted because they'll have been moved to a place the PC client can't see them.
  3. Go into the client’s settings page & change the download path to location where you've relocated the content
    1. When dealing with app on an individual basis, you could opt within the settings to not use the same folder for all downloads which will cause the client to instead display a confirmation dialogue at the start of each download where you can manually confirm the DL pathway.
  4. In the client, attempt to “redownload” the app. The PCclient should see that the program files for that app exist in the new location and no major network activity should result.

This is probably easiest if you move your entire library but it is also likely feasible in theory for individual apps

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I am dealing with the same situation of needing to move my games to another drive , except I am moving from one PC to another and I do not want to lose my game progress in some of my games.

I have tried your workaround above many times but the viveport client continuously downloads a new version of the game, even if it finds the actually game directory (the Guid unique identifier directory name), it just creates another directory inside that folder right along side the other game directory (both of these directories have integer based names).

Is there anything I can do to get my game data from my old PC to my new PC so I do not lose all the progress I have from when I played the games on my old PC?



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