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Vive 1.0 Works in SteamVR but cannot be detected in Vive console


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Windows 10 latest

Nvidia 472.12


Amd 5900X 

Msi tomahawk X570 


Im trying to get motion smoothing with my htc vive v1 

When i installed it via viveport and selected it it would not install vive console at all. So i installed vive console trough steam. I have tried every troubleshoot tip but it just says the headset cannot be detected in the console yet it works just fine in SteamVR. 

What am i supposed to do here? 

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I will add that i see an update box come up at times andsays download completed but blue bar at 10% and seems  it just crashes with no codes or anything almost instantly. Then console wont start but starts the next time.  Same once Steam VR restarted to update HMD and it never asked again.  Hard to say if its actually doing anything.



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