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How to use Vive Tracker(2018) with Oculus Quest 2 in UnityEngine?


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Hi everyone!

I have one question about the Vive Tracker.

Currently, I would like to detect the posture of the user when running while wearing the HMD.

I would like to use the Vive Tracker to detect the user's movements. Since the HTC Vive ProEye is too heavy for the user, we tried to use the Oculus Quest 2 or Vive Focus Plus.

Is there any way to use Oculus Quest 2 and Vive Tracker at the same time, because I can't seem to use Vive Tracker with XR Interaction Toolkit.

Also, is it possible to use Vive Focus Plus and Vive Tracker at the same time? I'd like to avoid using running VR content for long periods of time while wearing the Vive ProEye.

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@akakuralab.vr -

  • Quest + Tracker: It's not at all officially unsupported but you can hack job it using something called OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator.
    • This is not suitable at all for production or real-world use. SteamVR updates frequently break this tool. It's a single-person open source project.
  • Quest + Focus +: You could theoretically use Viveport streaming to initiate a SteamVR session and then try to use OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator - but this is likely going to be super janky and extra unstable.

I probably wouldn't recommend trying this - you could invest a huge amount of time trying to get this to work and get it working, and then it can break with an update or with a reboot.

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