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Rigel V2.0 released - "All in One" Full Body Motion Capture plugin - Now with native support for Maya HumanIK, Mixamo, Daz3D and Blender Auto-Rig Pro


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Hi all,

I recently upgraded my Unreal Engine 4 plugin called Rigel, an "All in One" Full Body Motion Capture solution.

Rigel use Vive Trackers for body tracking ( up to 10 trackers ), Valve Knuckles or Notiom Hi5 for fingers tracking, and the iPhone for facial tracking.

With 2.0 we added native support for Autodesk Maya humanIK, Mixamo, Blender Auto-Rig Pro plugin and Daz3D rigged characters!


Rigel V2.0 release video



Nicolas Esposito


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