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VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.197 – Release Notes


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VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.197 – Release Notes
Released September 29th 2021

What’s new

  • Enabled hand tracking interaction by pinch gesture in VIVE Reality System 2.0 (trial version)

           *Hand tracking can be enabled via Settings -> Connectivity -> Hand tracking.

  • Added a high-performance setting

           *This setting is enabled by default to allow the headset to run at optimal performance.

  • Added audio mirroring to the casting feature for both the headset and casting device

Enhancements and fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the controller’s Trigger function that occurred when using VIVE Business Streaming
  • Fixed an issue where the headset was unable to install system updates via the VIVE Business Device Management System

           *For this fix to take effect, do a factory reset on your headset and install the system update version 3.0.999.197 or later. Then, re-enroll the headset through batch configuration in the Device Management System.

  • Fixed a system error where the Android system would crash on restart when there’s a 3.5mm earphone inserted

Hand tracking (for developers)

  • Added a reminder to turn on hand tracking when launching VR titles that only support hand tracking as the interaction method  
  • Improved line drawing by using pinch gesture

Software customization service

  • Added a 2D user interface through a customized batch configuration package to allow interaction with a third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) client on the headset.

           *After installing the batch configuration package, you can access the MDM client via Settings -> Advanced -> MDM Setup.


*Enterprise customization options will be available soon on a trial basis. For details, please contact HTC sales through https://business.vive.com/
*You can get a trial version of your customized VIVE Focus 3 software after signing an evaluation agreement with HTC. Your VIVE Focus 3 software also needs to be configured first using HTC's enterprise tool.

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Nice update!

I wonder what exactly the effect is of turning off the high performance setting...

Does it lower the clock speed on the SoC or does it lower the refresh rate of the screen? Maybe the resolution too?

Does it have an effect on battery life? Less aggressive fan ramp up?

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Oh, I'd also like to know if I can record and have the mic pass through to the app as well as the recording with this update!

Previously when I hit the record button the microphone got disconnected from the online game I was playing, which kind of ruins recording online footage...

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Really enjoying this update too! Overall the performance feels smoother, maybe the "high performance" option there is helping. 

Also very happy with the first iteration of the hand tracking! One thing I'd like to request ASAP though, we need a "Home" or "Exit" gesture so that we're not stuck in an app that does not support hand tracking and have to fumble around to find our controllers. I discovered that tapping the headset button twice trickers passthru view which is nice and helpful for that, but even just a "Home" gesture would close the usability loop a bit. 

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