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Wireless may not work with AM4 Motherboards per VIVE Support (attached chat log)!!


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If my VIVE Pro and wireless adapter won't work with my AMD motherboard anymore (attached chat log) it seems like that should be a bigger issue.  My old video card had died and I just got a new one and was setting my VR back up yesterday and ran into issues.

Perhaps it should be a bit more prominent that those who spent $1400 on a vive pro and $300 on a wireless adapter can't actually use their product as intended, rather than hyping to buy a Vive Pro 2 which also may not work on an AM4 motherboard (I almost did pre-order last night because I was wondering if it was a firmware issue until I hooked it up directly after getting the old link box out).  I guess I could buy another long cable and completely reconfigure my living room to get the PC in a central location, but really, is that what the recommendation is after spending close to $2000 on this setup?

Before anyone asks I did uninstall/reinstall Viveport/Vive wireless, SteamVR, disabled/re-enabled and reinstalled blutooth drivers, disabled all lighting effects and basically every startup service, etc.  My headset detects fine with the vive wireless app, but Steam VR only shows a green icon with a white wifi symbol on it below a break.  When I do room setup it shows headset and controllers unavailable.  If I try to pair controllers it shows them paired though, so they are there.  If I connect the short cord that I have to the link box and hook up the link box (like I used to do for firmware updates when the wireless adapter first came out) to my PC the VIVE pro works just fine.

Again, to not work properly with AM4 motherboards seems to be a huge issue.

VIVE Chat Support.PNG

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It's a bit sad to see the wireless is it a problem on AM4 to this day.
the problem with AM4 was discoverd back in 2018!

I had the same problem when I used the cosmos wireless almost 2 years ago. (today I no longer use vive)

I got it running back then by using a PCIe port that connected direct to the cpu. (some pcie ports go thru chipset) some motherboard manuals shows what ports goes where.


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