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VIVE Software – Public Release Notes


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VIVE Software – Public Release Notes
Released October 8th 2021

Vive Console


  • Fixed a performance issue after playing certain content over long period
  • Fixed a bug where VIVE console doesn’t show up when SteamVR monitor is minimized
  • Hot fix for specific AMD GPUs that crashed with Vive Software update


  • Bug fixes on Vive Dashboard (Lens) 
  • Fixed a bug where Vive Lens in a rare chance will not display properly when enabling motion compensation on some workstation

[Cosmos Elite]

  • Added localization to headset button function under advance tab

[Vive Pro 2]

  • Added DSC support for newly released GPUs
  • Fixed a bug where users may not able to select Ultra/Extreme mode when installed multiple GPUs on one system


  • Added OpenXR runtime option in Vive Console (click Menu -> Advanced -> OpenXR Runtime)
  • Fixed an error which causes game engine to crash between the switch of editor mode and play mode
  • Re-map VIVE Cosmos Controller to other controllers
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I do not know what they touched but it is worse in cosmos.

This acculización of the 8 of October. The viewer has a hard time taking the controls and is complicated when taking the environment.

The guardian took it square in a moment, the battery meter is not that accurate.

I also see distortion cubes like lack of performance but after a moment they go away.

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