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HTC Vive Pro 2 cameras - "camera communication failed"

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On 11/13/2021 at 5:24 PM, AmazingTechVR said:

Thanks. If you can find out the correct config to fix the camera properly that would be great. As you said it will show differently.

You will need to request from the supporting email. I don't have access to individual config files. thx

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On 11/14/2021 at 4:48 PM, C.T. said:

You will need to request from the supporting email. I don't have access to individual config files. thx

Thanks, I have emailed Support to take a look for me.

I also noticed  when I double-press the side button on the HMD, it doesn't bring up the cameras either. It will bring up SteamVR with a single-press, but I was hoping to have the cameras turning on and off with this double-press on the same button. I will see what Support can do for me.

This proves the cameras are working now. I hope they fix the distortion/layout of the camera with the config files for me.


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Hi @C.T.


Are you able to escalate this at all please? Since you sent me the testconfig.json, it has got my cameras working again after 2 months. That was 10 days ago. As you stated, it's only a test and so it will look strange.

I have just been asked by HTC Support via email, if I have reinstalled the VR software. Yes, yes I have done this lots of times, also providing lots of SteamVR and Vive Console reports. This has been going on since 5 months when I had lots of problems with the original Vive Pro 2 and sending it back 3 times to HTC repairs in Romania, then being sent a refurb panel as a replacement, not a new one.

I have given all information to HTC Support, a link to this thread, the photos and screenshots. I'm getting asked the basic things again. After spending over 5 months troubleshooting a device that was faulty, now with a refurb device.

The audio buzzing, the red/green vertical lines, scanlines, black screens, ghost/stuck images on the display, nearly all of this was fixed... but the pass-through cameras are the last issue.

Anyone else would have said they just want a refund and give up. As stated, I like the Vive Pro 2 when it works, but this amount of troubleshooting and still being asked basic questions, it is becoming too much.

I hope you can help me. I just want a working headset. Thankyou.

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5 hours ago, C.T. said:

Noted, they(the support team) may request to send back the device to properly calibrate your device. The numbers within the config need proper calibration, and cannot be done by myside(remotely). 

A 4th RMA? I've had a 2nd Support person replying to me, telling me the problem is my issue and I just need to do a full reinstall on a clean Windows 10 installation. I actually did this with a spare SSD before and tried this on a different PC. Nothing I did would get it working, until you gave me your testconfig.json file and suddenly they came to life.

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Hi @C.T.

I unsintalled SteamVR

Then after I did that, I deleted the entire config folder, as that contained vrsettings and lighthouse settings. Uninstalling SteamVR did not remove this automatically and remained.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config

I opened Steam again and my window had defaulted to a small position, I also had to do the room setup again so I knew it had reset it.

Turned on my Vive Pro 2 and lighthouses. My cameras stopped working. So I loaded your testconfig.json file again as previously instructed. As you stated, this needs calibrating, but if it's a new Vive Pro 2, why is it no calibrated out of the box?

If I am sending this replacement, can a new one 

Evidence of my reinstall as email Support have told me twice to clean reinstall. I'm not opening the PC up again and installing the SSD with a clean Windows 10 install again, as I have already done this.


Camera test = Camera Communication Failed. I am now going to reload your testconfig.json to get my cameras working again until Support can help with a calibrated config file.


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On 11/26/2021 at 8:16 PM, AmazingTechVR said:

Here is how it looks still, as expected and as you stated the camera may look wrong until Support can give a calibrated config file.

The bottom of the camera is showing at the top, which then leaves a cutout at the bottom.


That's how it is actually. Mine doesn't look any difference from yours. 

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