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I am a researcher in the field of radiowave propagation and I am interested in urban propagation.  I'd like to attach one of these trackers to an antenna recording signal power as a function of 3D position inside a room.  Measurements of this type have previously been made by measuring a lot of different locations within the room with only crude estimates of antenna position, and then averaging them, thus throwing out any potentially useful spatial information in the process.  The tracker seems like a reasonable way to get cm-scale positioning information in real time, which would make the collection of detailed, and geo-registered signal measurement possible for the first time ever.


I know nothing about VR or the VIVE system, but I can guess that I would need at least two base stations and a tracker to make this work.  Can anyone comment on the appropriateness of this kind of system for the application I have in mind?  In short, is this gonna be easy for a know-nothing like myself?


I have a decent amount of general programming and interfacing experience, but my tolerance level for re-inventing the wheel or a lot of unecessary VR "extras" is pretty low: I just want the antenna position (and maybe orientation) data, preferably in a non-proprietary format (a text stream is fine!).


Thanks in advance for any thoughts you have on this matter.

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