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I was referring to the non-stop redirecting on the redeem-page as decribed by someone at the top of this thread (or issues with that page in general). My solution was to open an incognito tab in chrome and redeem as a guest. Once I would login, I was sent back to Vive's homepage, no matter what.


(Sorry to say, but this is really simple stuff, everyone gets this right, how can a support website for a very premium product drop the ball on small stuff like this website? I can't even sort the messages in this forum, when I click on the link after SORT BY, it opens a drop down menu AND instantly reloads the page resulting in: 0 results... It just really feels like no one cares if stuff this simple doesn't get fixed. I'm a first time HTC customer and the company is leaving a really, really bad impression --also due to the faulty HDMI cable that came with my Vive and lead to hours upon hours of frustration before being discovered.  /rant).

(Update: all of the Steam VR games work. None of the Viveport games load. Please hire better coders, being this bad at tech is, well, bad for a tech company.)

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