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recived a broken headset as a replacement without consutation need to speak with lead member of escalation team


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i dont know where to post this and quite frankly i dont care im pissed i sent my headset in for rma warranty work and i get a broken DIRTY POS back with MORE out pixels and one screen darker than the other on top of that the strap was broken and the support tried to play it off as happening during shipping which is bullshit now i have an even worse headset with the wrong serial number on it this is unacceptable i have multiple communication one stating MY headset was repaited and being returned when it was NOT mine now the support higher team is trying to pass it off as "we reserve the right to send a replacement" well then send a brand new one not a used damaged one thats in worse shape and more unplayable than the original, in my opinion this seems shady.



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these are photos of the headset they claim is a replacment mine was in immaculate shape it had only 20 hours of play time on it and when not in use was in its original box this headset looks like it lived outside in the garage....






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On 12/31/2020 at 2:44 PM, HackPerception said:

@Kim C - You can't drive Displayport headsets via HDMI. No combination of HDMI adapter or cable will allow an HDMI port to drive a DP headset (Index, Rift S, Pimax, ETC) - the port is fundamentally incompatible.

Your laptop may have a MiniDisplayport or a USB-C port that may be Displayport compatible. This is usually hyper model specific as some laptops may have USB-C or MiniDisplayports but they may or may not actually connect to your dedicated GPU. It gets very confusing very quickly. If you post your specific model number here I can give you a high level estimate but verifying your situation usually requires contacting your laptop manufacturer for confirmation,  testing, estimating with your PhysX settings page, or simply testing IRL. This is an affordable Minidisplay port cable that's confirmed to work with Vive Cosmos/Pro.


unrelated to what i quoted you on i need your help as your are an admin and im having a bad  time with support and the support higher team. please let me know if you can help it would be GREATLY appreciated

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