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Vive, you just dug yourself a big hole, with the "FLOW"


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* iOS and Samsung Exynos are currently not supported by VIVE Flow.

Oh well then unless you are american, you are basically losing out what you've done is screw over 90% of the world, because pratically every snapdragon version of the phone of "Samsung"  is america only... the rest of the world gets exynos.. RIP... guess i wont be buying... GG
, next time you want to hype the world up, maye don't pull stuff like this again.. because you've just messed up a bunch of sales... unless people are willing to buy IMPORTED version of the snapdragon samsung phones, or have a retailer that sells such phones at an extortionary price, your screwed.. oh by the way, snapdragon phones don't hold warranty in non stated countries, unless the warranty applies to so and so countreies, by the way snapdragon version isn't warranted in the UK.. you are basically screwed.. nobody is going to do that.. unless you don't care..


I would personally like VIVE to reveal it's sales margin before the end of the year (maybe around december) showing the actual sales of this and how many people brought it, compared to how many expected sales vive plan to make.. please show a comparison because i highly HIGHLY doubt they'll be good. Especially as samsung is amongst one of the biggest sellers out there along with IPHONE.. you've already screwed over all IOS users.. RIP.. there's another massive hit...  HA


You state "Currently not supported" that could mean it could get supported to NEVER.. 



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6 minutes ago, HackPerception said:

@SanityGaming - Flow's requirements are determined by the chipset's manufacturer. This is specifically a 5G companion device for use with 5G devices.

No it clearly states  * iOS and Samsung Exynos are currently not supported by VIVE Flow."

If this is only supporting 5G products, then fix the page accordingly, it states "DOESNT WORK WITH EXYNOS SAMSUNG PHONES".. RIP iphone sales, and rip majority of all samsung phones out there.. that's like 90% or so of the market.


You've said something completely different.  "Currently could mean" may or may never, this isn't a fix statement should we wait 5 years? 10 years? maybe hundred years before it's supported, you've already going to lose a huge margin of sales if this isn't corrected.. 

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