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Vive pro 2 | blurriness | shaking


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Hey, so i just bought the vive pro 2 and when i loaded up a game i noticed that the game was extremely blurry I've measured the ipd multiple times to get the ipd accurate so that shouldn't be the problem. it is so blurry i can barely read the text that is on the screen not only that but the vive headset and the controllers are vibrating, shaking in-game. wonder what's causing that. wondering if anyone got a fix or know whats causing this 

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check the definition is in EXTREME or ULTRA (4894x2448) and place correctly your headset on your face, not easy with this headset. Use the green cross from IPD setup. don't pay attention to the ipd number, but rely on your eyesight.

It looks like obvious but it's not so easy at the beginning and it's often why some people thinks it's blurry.

if not, you headset is out of order

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