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Meaning of Framwork.Status STOP

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I have eye tracking working just fine in Unity in play mode. I can track at 60hz, or using the callback at 120 hz. 
When I make a build the calibration runs before my scene loads, and then in my scene eye tracking does not work.
In my script where I run get the eye data I check the status using 

and I make sure that it is working.
For some reason it is always return STOP when I run from the build, even though the calibration ran properly, and it works in unity play mode. 

Any ideas on why it no longer works? I am not sure if this is because something isn't making it into the build that should, or if it is because things are not initialized in the same order so when I check the status perhaps the eye tracker hasn't started yet. I do the check in my scipt's Start method, so everything should be Awake at that point.

Any help is appreciated!

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I resolved the issue. It seems that the order of things running their start methods changes when in the Unity editor and the build, and so what worked in the editor didn't in the build because I was checking the status before the eye tracking started. By adding a delay I was able to make sure the eye tracking script waited until the system was entirely ready.


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