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Issue redeeming codes in viveport


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I recently got a Vive and I love it. I was able to redeem my two free steam keys, but have been unable to redeem my viveport keys for the other two free games.


When I try to launch the redeem section, the app simply says "Loading" indefinitely. I have tried multiple times. Tried rebooting, reinstalling viveport, etc.


I'm on the latest version of viveport and on Windows 10.


Anyone else have similar issues?

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Hi Cory,


I followed those instructions and was emailed the specific game codes and the following instructions:


1. Download VIVE software

2. Launch the VIVE software on your computer

3. Sign in to your HTC Account

4. Click on your profile image in the right upper corner

5. Choose "Redeem Code"

6. Type your offer code in the dialog box and the content will be added to your Library


In step 6,the dialog box never loads. It pops up, and says "Loading..." indefinitely.

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Did you try the workaround  suggested? I would also recommend using the 'Report A Problem' link in the Viveport app to send us logs so we can investigate further. It's not an issue I've encountered yet, but I'm investigating to see what might be the cause.


There's a chance it could be a minor network issue that will resolve itself, but there could also be something else going on. Have you already tried ensuring your firewall or anti-virus software isn't blocking the network traffic for Viveport? Have you tried purchasing or downloading any other titles (a free title would work) to see if you can download via Viveport without issues?

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I just wanted to give an update. I eventually got this squared away. I had another app on my computer: Remotr. I think the two were conflicting, ports maybe?


I uninstalled Remotr and now the app works perfectly, I can see my library and redeem codes.


Just thought I'd share in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

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Hello, I just bought a Vive, it has been so far a great experience, but It came with  a code for  
"content bundle" and when I try to redeem it, i get the message that it is not a good code. If needed I have proof of purchase. I will greatly appreciate the help. Thanks!

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