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Issue redeeming codes in viveport


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Hello there - a few different issues here, I'll try to address each as best I can...


For all of you, please make sure you check this FAQ on how/where to redeem codes, which might help. For individual issues (as there's more than one)


 /  - Upon redeeming your code, you should have received an email with the codes contained within. This would go to the email address you registered. Can you check and see if that email is there? (Obviously, check your Spam folders.)


 - can you confirm where you tried to redeem the code? (Check the FAQ for instructions.) It should be redeemed at vive.com/code


 - which of these issues are you having?


Please let me know if you have any other questions and/or you get your codes redeemed.

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Also having the same issue. Just bought my Vive and have been playing with some stuff I downloaded from Steam but wanted to try the free stuff that came with it.


I got a confirmation email with the code from the leaflet, saying what I get from it and a bunch of unlock codes. Typing ANY of the codes into the redeem code section of the Vive software comes up with "that code isn't quite right, try again".

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, ,  - I'm going to PM all of you to resolve this (has to be PM, because I'll be sending you codes).


We appreciate everyone bringing this to our attention - we're going to investigate further to figure out if this is an isolated issue or something larger.

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