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Vive Pro 2 possible going bad


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Well I emailed support back from my support ticket correspondence asking the question. Support advised me just to check the serial number when it arrives, if it is different it was a replacement, if same it was repaired.

So still not quite sure as the two serial numbers are so close together. But based on that and the very quick turnaround ( practically same day) I am going with it is likely a replacement and coincidence the serials are so close.  I will know for sure when it finally arrives on the 23rd. I just find it a little strange my support ticket did not reflect what was actually done - it would have been nice if it did.

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Ok so replacement Vive Pro 2 just arrived via Fed EX. Couple of days early which was nice.

It definitely is a replacement - it came with a new cable, headphones and face gasket - the one I sent was bare with none of that. Plus it is a totally different serial number. Now to get it hooked up and test this puppy out. 

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6 hours ago, dburne said:

I have to say big Kudos to HTC Repair in Seattle, they got me taken care of really quickly with no issue. And my experience with support after getting the ticket open was very good as well. So thank you HTC!!

>Really Happy to know you got your headset fixed with good repairs !

You are very lucky to have a repair center in USA, they seem to do a much better job than the one in Romania which is atrocious if you depend on europe.

Have fun !

I'm personally returning my headset for the 4th time.. I had it since june and it never worked properly only in december I might have a working one at this point I lost 800 euros 😞

People don't yet understand how bad and scary the support is in europe and people are almost blaming me for it but if only they knew what happened to me with the support, I can't say it all but all I can say is it's really, really bad.

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Seems I have a whole new issue now.

For some reason I keep losing my Lighthouse base stations with the Vive Pro 2. I will play a session and then exit, then later when I relaunch Vive Console the base stations are never recognized. I literally have to remove the USB drivers in Steam VR Developer tools, reboot the PC, reconnect the Link box and let it install them again. Then I will play for a session and end, then next time I launch Vive Console have to go through it all again.

I tell ya I have about had it- this is way more trouble than it is worth. Going to try the Index again to see if the base stations do this with it - if not I think I am going to cut my losses and shelve this VP2. Aggravation factor is just getting way too dang high now. I spend way more time trying to troubleshoot this thing.

I literally have to remove the USB drivers via Steam VR Developer Tools, reboot the PC and let them install again after turning LInk box on, after each and every game session. This is nuts.

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Ok so this one may be on me duh. Apparently I was messing around with the channel numbers for each base station and saw you could assign various numbers to them. Well I ended up with the first one listed on channel 2 and the second one on channel 1. So I swapped them back out to how they were originally - first one channel 1 and second one channel 2.  Have closed out of Vive Console and shut off Link box a few times, even did a PC reboot in between some, and now they are coming on each time I launch Vive Console just fine - at least so far.

Will see what tomorrow brings LOL. Sorry Vive, I was just frustrated and apparently seems I created the issue from my own stupidity.

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I started experiencing the shaking on my Vive Pro 2 as well only when games actually loaded. I noticed on another forum a user mentioning the ASUS AI Suite 3 causing issues. I un-installed the AI Suite 3 utility, the Vive Console and Stream VR, rebooted, re-installed Vive software and SteamVR, and all was good.

I re-installed AI Suite 3 and sure enough the problems can back.



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