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RESOLVED Thanks to Jack S. PANA VIVE support


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Jack S. reached out to me about the issue with options to correct it, ultimately it was agreed upon receiving a new HMD and returning the replacement.

Jack S. should get a raise or promotion, the only support tech who actually cares.

 Thanks again Jack S.


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On 10/11/2021 at 2:24 PM, h.c said:

i dont know where to post this and quite frankly i dont care im pissed i sent my headset in for rma warranty work and i get a broken DIRTY POS back with MORE out pixels and one screen darker than the other on top of that the strap was broken and the support tried to play it off as happening during shipping which is bullshit now i have an even worse headset with the wrong serial number on it this is unacceptable i have multiple communication one stating MY headset was repaited and being returned when it was NOT mine now the support higher team is trying to pass it off as "we reserve the right to send a replacement" well then send a brand new one not a used damaged one thats in worse shape and more unplayable than the original, in my opinion this seems shady.



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