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TP-Cast and Deluxe Audio Strap - Pre-ordering Europe


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So we are waiting and waiting for the "TP-Cast" and "Deluxe Audio Strap"


Any news?


When will we be able to order those in Europe?
(Audio strap, still shown as  a "New" item in store but not orderable, im getting insane...)

Will the TP-Cast unit be available in the HTCVive store or will it be sold in other channels?
Will we be able to preordering (In Europe), book them as of today or soon?

Will there possibly be a bundle deal to get both the Audiostrap and the TP-Cast unit?

(To go wireless in comfy way.)


Really looking forward to get those asap to make it more awesome...




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Hey  - last official word on the Deluxe Audio Strap was in our press release:


"The Vive Deluxe Audio Strap will go on sale for pre-order on May 2, with expected delivery in June. Both products will be available for a suggested retail price of $99.99 (€119.99, £99.99, ¥799.00)."


I've got no news on the TPcast I'm afraid; it's not made by HTC. If we do a bundle I'm sure we'll announce it! :)

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Hey , and welcome. The quick answer is yes!


The TPcast is designed to work with an existing Vive headset, so you're not locked into anything. You could in theory go back/forth with a wireless/wired solution. Finally, TPcast works with both the original headstrap and the forthcoming Deluxe Audio Strap.


In other words, no reason to delay on that Vive purchase. ;)

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Is there any update on when/if the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap will be available for order in Europe? I can see it in the shop as "comming soon" on the US shop, and I assume once they get to the second of may, they will be able to order. But on the Danish version it's not even visible as "comming soon" so I'm wondering if you have decided to not sell it in EU?




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Well, May 2nd came and went but no update on the website for pre-ordering.


When will i be able to place an order in the uk. My original strap is sagging like an old bra. 


Come on guys, we've waited for long enough.

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Ok we got a date for the Deluxe Audio Strap! But are there any updates about the TP-Cast and when it will be available in EU, some rumours says Q2 but are there any dates? And will it be available on the Vive shop?

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