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Bluetooth Drivers not working


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Hi Guys, as per the title I can't get the bluetooth drivers to work no matter what I try.

I have seen various threads saying about unplugging the connection box and then reconnecting, disabling under device manager and then re-enabling after 15 secs.


Also tried removing drivers and reinstalling but to no avail. Steam VR panel says bluetooth divers have failed and it suggests restarting it ( no good). Can't update hardware, auto switch lighthouses on / off or connect a phone.


Win7 64bit ultimate edition SP1

Intel I7 - 4820 @ 3.70Ghz

64Gb Ram

GTX 1070


Driving me nuts, hope someone can help please?

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I bought my Vive after Christmas one year ago and spent the first week or ten days beating my head against the bricks. I did everything every forum said. I bought the "right" USB card with the "right" chips on it. At one point I had something like 29 USB ports installed - motherboard, PCI cards, 2.0, 3.0, so I could plug and unplug them an unspecified number of times "until it works". BULL - PUCKY!


Here's the thing: I don't care what their documentation and system verification tests say. I could not get the Vive to hit a lick on Windows 7. (just FYI, I was running Ultimate x64) I would get to the part where all the drivers were supposed to magically install, and they WOULD. I would hear them be-booping like crazy and I would not interfere, as instructed. But I would also hear that sound that it makes when something is wrong, bu-beep, as many of the drivers were erroring out simultaneously.


After a miserable start, I saw a similar post by some nice lady and I happened to have a spare disk drive laying around and I installed it and put Windows 10 on it for a quick test. BAM. Vive, Steam, all that stuff, came up working the first try, just like the docs say it is supposed to.


Then I spent a while in a dual-boot scenario because I had a couple things that had problems under Win10 (that is why I was hesitant to change in the first place). Ultimately I ended up biting the bullet and bought a nice SSD and moved all my stuff to a single partition running Win10 Pro and everything is working now except what Microsoft screws up every time they update which is way too frequent.


But anyway, that's probably not what you or Vive support wants to hear, but I wish someone would have told me that much sooner. Good luck. You will love it once you get it working on whatever OS. BUt for me, I'd probably still be reinstalling and unplugging and replugging USB cables if I was still on Windows 7. But that's just me.

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