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Broken base station power adapter


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Hi, I've been the proud owner of a Vive for the last 3 days purchased from SCAN.com, but in the last evening whilst plugging in and turning on the switch on the outlet for my base stations mounted on tripods as usual before starting up Steam VR, one of my power cables heads sparked and esssentially died and burned out on me. I have since tried a desktop fan and a few other items to make sure the power outlet was safe and if it's any fault from that, but everythings seemed fine.

I tried the remaining base station power cable in the base station which was plugged in at the time and that seemed to come on fine with the usual lights when not calibrated due to the other base station not being plugged in and being opposite from it. I am horrified that this kind of issue has happened to me this early in owning the device. It obviously leaves me with a unplayable Vive until I gain a replacement official cable and even then, I'm don't know if the plug sparking caused any damage to the base station itself, until it's all plugged in and ready.

Has anyone else had issues like this and can any Vive representatives make anything clear on how I'm going to gain a replacement cable under warranty and what happens if the base station doesn't work properly after then?

I have also sent an email before this post, but it's unclear if the email reached as it just refreshed the Vive homepage once clicking submit.

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Hi John. I have since contacted Vive live suupport and they are currently dealing with the issue, sending a new adapter and sending the original back for checks. Hoping once the cable arrives everything'll be okay unless the base station itself was affected, but personally seems fine as with the other remaining wire, it at least turns on like normal. 

So for now, this issue has been solved by the excellent support team.


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I have since been able to try if the base station works with an old friend's adapter and it works perfectly! I have been able to play several games with no issues what so ever.  Good as new, just waiting on the new adapter to be sent through.

I have, however had a complete lack of contact with Vive support since the live chat. I am keeping an eye on a email for free postage to return the damaged wire, it has now been most of a week and not a peep, or to be honest, any sign that a new wire is in fact on the way.

I do feel like I'm being kept in the dark a bit. 

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