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Moving Oculus Home from C drive to another drive


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Hi everyone.

For those who have Oculus Home installed on C: drive but would rather have it on another drive, here's a handy little (free) program that can do just that...... http://www.aomeitech.com/oculus-backup.html

This can backup your Oculus folder and restore it, it can also migrate Oculus Home to a different drive, this is handy if you installed it to C: drive thinking you could save the downloads to a different drive. For those of us using a small SSD drive, moving the Oculus Home to a regular hard drive might be the way to go to save on space on your SSD. I used this program to move my Oculus Home from C: (SSD) to D: (regular hard drive), my Oculus folder was 44.4 gigs, and it took this program roughly 2 hours to migrate everything, so it's not fast but it works. Your old desktop shortcut will no longer work, you'll just have to go to the "\Oculus\Support\oculus-client\OculusClient.exe" at the new location of the new drive and right click it and chose create shortcut. :)

Regards: Jack

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