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Creating a VR Arcade Business

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So I've been to probably 6 VRCades around the Bay Area now. Each one of them seems to run some sort of platform that allows you to brand the VR Setup, have users take a tutorial, organize games into a coherent library, and communicate with a few workstations via the headset. (though that may be a third party thing)

I'm wondering what software they seem to be using, and any other tips. Is there maybe a division ran by HTC To enable this kinda thing that I can email? Let me know. Thanks!

PS.. We are indeed pretty serious about this. We have plenty of funding and I've been given the green light to make the purchases and rent the warehouse, but I'm doing more research first.

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Good Day

Very interesting comment

My wife and I live in Sausalito and have been working on opening VR Arcade for anout

Three months with the same questions and concerns

We have a lot of info and are ready to lease and open

We should combine efforts and come up with some solutions

Please contact me if your interested in meeting

Thanks Again

Tim. & Olga 415 928-2222


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So what you're describing is a couple 3rd party dealers that have their own propirtary set up, hardware, and fees. Companies like Virtuix and infinity VR are hardware  makers that use their own systems. Honest if your want to start a VR arcade. You just do it. 

I'm going to tell you something. Arcades, even VR Arcades, don't make money. The fees for each unit (state and local), feel for monthly subs for games, hardware fees for third party stuff, Sanitation costs, employee fees/insurance/ect. Even if you run it like a themepark or do per minute. You need alot of stations. 

If you want to run an arcade as a means of making bank. It isn't going to happen. If you want it as one extra flow of income, sure go do it. 


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Find anything out? I'm looking to do the same.. have the money and the space but how to run most efficiently and make a living at it.. to run an effective business does htc really take 50% of earnings? If I open a 4 bay store at $5 for 10 minutes, how much is a business subscription per month??

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Why would HTC take a cut? Does your phone take a cut every time you use it to buy something on Amazon? Viveport has their own arcade payment model that's listed in it's FAQ.

First, you need to create a business plan.
Then find out what your local laws require to open a business.
Next ????.
Finally Profit. 

Honestly, I'm not going to go into too much detail. I'm getting ready to expand to multiple states by the end of the year and the less competition the better for me. (We are selling franchises if your interested) Best of luck to you though. Sometimes you just have to go out there and do it.

I will warn you. You're going to hemorrhage money for insurance. 

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