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lighthouse console config upgrade does not have an effect on Vive Pro 2


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Dear Vive Developer Team,

I'm trying to read and update the lighthouse config, by using the Steam Tool lighthouse_console.exe at the new Vive Pro 2 HMD. To download the config (using downloadconfig function) is working fine and also uploading changes with the tool is working.

But by trying to update the "tracking_to_eye_transform" config section, I cannot see any visual effect on the distortion of the Vive Pro 2. This worked fine on the og Vive HMD and the Vive Pro 1 without any issues.

I'm guessing, this time, there is a hard-coded distortion profile at the Vive Console software, isn't it? Can you confirm? Otherwise, I would appreciate, if you can explain how the distortion profile is working on a Vive Pro 2, compared to the previous models, please.

Thank you very much in advance and I'm looking forward to any feedback for clarification and have a nice day. @C.T. @Dario

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