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Real-time ray-tracing with HTC Vive Eye Pro


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I am a newbie in VR, as well as real-time ray-tracing. However, I would like to see the real-time ray-tracing rendering with my HTC Vive Eye Pro. If possible also use the gaze tracking feature for a varied ray-tracing. I have already purchased a RTX 3090 graphics card for my purpose.  

Here are some of the problems I am facing. I have come to an end that both Unreal Engine and Unity3D is not fully developed for real-time ray-tracing in VR. Unity3D VR still attached to DX11. There are few other options, e.g., use the DX12/OptiX/Vulkan Raytracing/Falcor framework/OpenCL for implementing ray-tracing in VR. I know OpenCL, DX12 are probably commonly used APIs for real-time raytracing. However, as a beginner, I actually do not know which API could be easier to use without a dead end. 

I would really appreciate if the experts here could guide me how to proceed to a real-time raytracing in VR? Is there any native plugin from HTC for that?


Kind regards,


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