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How to change the frame rate in Vive pro


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I'm a Japanese student researching whether VR sickness can be improved by adjusting the frame rate.

I'm sorry for my poor English, I'm running it through a translator.


Let's cut to the chase.

Using unity, I was able to successfully change the FPS on my PC screen using the following method.

void Start () {
Application.targetFrameRate=30; //30fps
QualitySettings.vSyncCount = 0;

and the vSyncCount setting in unity has also been changed to "Don't Sync".


However, when I connected it to the Vive pro, it automatically did this



The value of -1 seems to be an automatic adjustment. As a result, FPS will be 90, which is the refresh rate value.

But, I want the FPS value to vary between 10~90.


Is there any way to prevent Application.targetFrameRate = -1?

I would appreciate your advice.

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@lily_iniad I found this from Unity website, it says "Additionally if the QualitySettings.vSyncCount property is set, the targetFrameRate will be ignored and instead the game will use the vSyncCount and the platform's default render rate to determine the target frame rate."

Will it is because you set vSyncCount to 0, that's why targetFrameRate is ignored. Could you try not to set vSyncCount, will targetFrameRate stay at 30?

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Thanks, I'm already using the SteamVR Unity Plugin.
I chose Unity version 2018 for the behavior of this; for some reason it doesn't work in 2019 or later. Well, I don't care about the version, so it's okay.


As I wrote in my first post, the vSyncCount has already been changed to "Don't Sync" in the Project Setting.
In this case, it behaves fine on the PC screen.

However, when I connect to the Vive Pro
Application.targetFrameRate = 30;
didn't work,

so I changed not only the Project Setting but also 
QualitySettings.vSyncCount = 0; 
in addition to the Project Setting.

Unfortunately, the result was the same.

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I see that the Application.targetFrameRate = -1 is not avoided except in editor mode, which is a pity. Thanks for the answer.

I've been trying to find a way other than Application.targetFrameRate, but I can't seem to get it to work.
Is there a way to change the FPS while using Vive Pro?
By the way, I heard that this is not possible with Oculus due to its specifications.

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