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How to change the frame rate in Vive pro


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@chengnay I was surprised at how far-fetched the idea was, but yes, I think this method will lower the FPS. Thanks.


Since last night, I am looking for a way to apply a load large enough to lower the FPS, but usually people want to lower the load to increase the FPS, and it is hard to find a way.


What methods can you think of for example?

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In this stress test, we seem to have succeeded in temporarily lowering the FPS by increasing the GPU usage to nearly 100%.  However, it is not possible to continue at a lower value or lower it to any specified value.

The actual image seen by the Vive Pro is changing. However, I would like to write down the FPS value in that case in some way, but no matter how I calculated it, I ended up seeing a value around 90.

To make this into a paper, we need to know the exact frame rate. It's very troubling...

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My research is going well. Thanks @chengnay!

By adding useless code (keep putting numbers in the list in the for statement) in the Update function, we succeeded in reducing the FPS by adding memory load. Note that if you use the FixedUpdate function at this point, strange phenomena.

The FPS value at this time cannot be determined by us and will vary depending on the PC specs and the program running behind it.

So I have to be careful, but if I decide the number of loops in the for statement to suit that machine, I can now get some numbers. For my machine, 105^2 loops gives me 70-80 fps, and 150^2 loops drops me to about 30 fps.


When you put a load on it to reach 30fps, other operations will also slow down. In my case, I was running another Unity project at the same time, and it slowed down and I lost real time performance.

 By putting stress, I was able to successfully bring down the FPS, but in this case, I felt it was a problem because it also slowed down other operations.
I hope you can find another way.


I'm going to continue writing my paper.
Thank you very much for your help.

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