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6 hours ago, chengnay said:

@dwmInteractive Which Unity version are you looking for? And which Wave SDK version are you using for your project?

I am using the newest wave version from here https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnityXR/UnityXRVersionAndSupport.html (4.2.0-r.10) for this the recommended Unity Version ist 2019.4.15. I am currently testing the Vive Focus 3 and the projects I tested only worked in the recommended Version for Unity and the Universal Render Pipeline. As Unity 2019 is relatively old I would like to know when a newer version like 2020 gets officially supported. The main problem with the newer Unity Version and the URP were MSAA not working correctly and dips in FPS that were quite noticeable.

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11 minutes ago, chengnay said:

@dwmInteractive You already tried using Unity 2020? Although it says recommended Unity version is 2019.4.15, you can still use newer version such as 2019.4.28 or maybe 2020.

Yes we are currently evaluating for a customer which new VR Headset generation to use. This customer wants to start a bigger project with about 50 to 60 Headsets next year. We are now checking if the Pico Neo 3 or the Vive Focus 3 are a better fit. The only problem we had with the Focus 3 as of now is that MSAA threw errors in newer Unity Versions 2020 and 2021. As well as massive performance problems. Unity 2019 runs stable but is quite old. We want to support this customer for the future and as Unity 2019 will no longer be supported in 2022 we have to know, if newer Unity versions will run more stable.

We tested the standard Scene that you get if you start a new Unity project with URP enabled. Without MSAA the scenes look worse than on the Quest 1 which we are currently using. Enabling the camera antialiasing didn't help either. We tried to tweak other graphics settings the wave sdk offers, but with no luck. The other big problem we encountered were performance problems just looking around that scene. There was a massive lag if you moved your head too fast. If you plug in the unity profiler you can also see spikes for the graphics rendering. Switching to the older Unity version fixed these problems.

Can you tell me if you are currently testing newer Unity Versions (+ URP and MSAA) and if you plan on officially supporting a newer Version before the 2019 Version won't be supported by Unity anymore?

We can provide you additional screenshots if you like to.

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Could you share your MSAA errors?  About the performance problem, could you show us your screenshot, or provide your APK with development build if possible.

We had met an huge FPS drop problem of Unity since 2020.  When looking at the trees of terrain, the FPS will drop very serious.  It's because Unity changed tree's shader to a complex one in Unity 2020.  This shader will consume bandwidth of mobile GPU.  Could you check if you meet the same problem.  I don't know if Unity's latest version will fix it.

About the version support,  we support Unity 2019 and 2020 LTS version and will plan to support 2021 LTS in 2022.

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@dwmInteractive From your previous posts, is it safe to assume that you got the combination "Unity 2019.4.15 + URP 7.3.1 + MSAA" to work?

If not, maybe you should try enabling the Post Processing option in the Main Camera in order for MSAA to work.

Otherwise, the aforementioned combination is the only one we have previously confirmed to be working. As for other combinations involving newer Unity and URP versions, we will have to check and see what the problem is, and expand our supported versions once we can get them working.

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