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How to change the frame rate in Vive pro


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I'm a Japanese student researching whether VR sickness can be improved by adjusting the frame rate.

I'm sorry for my poor English, I'm running it through a translator.


Let's cut to the chase.

Using unity, I was able to successfully change the FPS on my PC screen using the following method.

void Start () { 
Application.targetFrameRate=30; //30fps 
QualitySettings.vSyncCount = 0; //This line works without it.

and the vSyncCount setting in unity has also been changed to "Don't Sync".


However, when I connected it to the Vive pro, it automatically did this


The value of -1 seems to be an automatic adjustment. As a result, FPS will be 90, which is Vive pro's refresh rate value.

But, I want the FPS value to vary between 10~90.


Is there any way to prevent Application.targetFrameRate = -1?

I would appreciate your advice.

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