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one of the controls doesn't recharge anymore


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one of the controls no longer reloads,
The controls always discharged together, and I put them to recharge at the same time in different outlets, and 1 of the controls didn't recharge, at the same time as the other, I left it a little longer, until I verified that it wasn't recharging anymore.
I thought it could be the battery and I bought another one (from China) I put this other battery and the problem persisted. :(
I don't want to open the other control, I'm afraid that this "bad" problem will pass to the other, and here in Brazil we don't have support for this equipment, and the purchase of another control is absurdly expensive for us,
I could not identify the problem, what is causing it, I connect the control to the socket it indicates that it is charging, but I can leave it all day. when I turn it on, it indicates blue light, and instantly turns red, indicating low battery.
Can someone give me a tip?
since now, thank you very much

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