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Link Box 2.0 needed with Headset cable 2.0 for cosmos elite / Are they compatible?


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Sorry if this is a dumb question but I cant find out if I need both for cosmos series, or is it even compatible with it? Also is the 1.0 vive pro cable not being made anymore? I feel like its been out off stock for months unless I'm a dumb and just haven't seen it in stock. ty

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@Renniepoo Vive Pro/Cosmos/Pro 2 linkboxes are somewhat interchangeable. The cable is the same between the three and is fully interchangeable.

The primary difference is that the Cosmos linkbox doesn't have SteamVR Bluetooth receivers in it - this means it can't do basestation power management. With Cosmos, that steamvr Bluetooth circuitry is built in the External Faceplate mod rather than the Linkbox.

The net result is that if you try to use a Pro/Pro 2 with a Cosmos linkbox, your basestations won't be able to automatically enter/exit standby.

I use all three headsets on my test stations and use them all interchangeably without even checking to see which generation of linkbox I'm plugging into. I use homekit outlets to control my basestation power state via voice commands anyways so the bluetooth power management thing doesn't affect me.

OG Vive linkboxes/cables only work with OG Vives. That's the most product specific linkbox/cable.


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