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Cannot complete setup of VIVE Focus 3 due to controllers


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Just got the VIVE Focus 3 and am excited to start developing on it. However, I cannot get past the initial set-up as when I get to the part where you have to point a raycast from the controllers to the UI to choose a Wi-Fi network to connect to, the raycasts never show up. I've tried factory resetting the headset, plugging in the controllers, replacing the batteries, but nothing I do will make the controllers' raycast show up for me to complete set-up. The controllers will show up as connected and paired to the headset, but beyond that they don't work. I have a suspicion that the system updates I downloaded through the app before doing the set-up the first time might not have installed correctly and maybe corrupted the software, but really I'm just guessing as to why the controllers won't work. Any suggestions of how to fix this problem or to get a fast repair going would be appreciated.

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Bit of a late reply but incase anyone else gets this, I had the exact same issue. I suspect it is applying or trying to apply updates to controllers in the background but the app doesn't actually inform you which is a bit annoying. What I found is that the hand tracking was enabled so I was able to complete the setup this way and when I got past this I could see the Controller Update status in the menu. Definitely some kind of oversight.

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