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How to get sound from Microsoft Teams in Focus 3 speakers ?


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While using Focus 3 for VR purposes, I need to share VR View via Microsoft Teams. Microphone in headset picks up sound, and meeting attendants can hear this clearly, but output only comes through pc speakers ๐Ÿ˜’.
In SteamVR Settings / Audio, I have selected "Headset" both for Audio output and Audio input device. For Audio Input, I can select "Microphone (Vive virtual audio device)" if I select "Manual", but this device is not selectable for Audio Output (I can select pc speakers only). These options reflect the devices I can control in Windows sound settings.

Is it possible to get Vive virtual audio device as an output device too, or how do I fix this problem ?

I am using VIVE Business Streaming 1.05.1a (streaming via USB3.0 cable) and SteamVR 1.13.9 - our IT security dept. prevents me from using online version of Steam, so I'm stuck with this version of SteamVR until a new offline version is released onย VIVE Business.

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