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Power Bank Charging While Using?

That Purple Fox

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I have an Anker Powercore+ 28600 power bank that unfortunately does not work with the headset and I was wondering if it was at all possible to charge the HTC power bank with the Anker while using the HTC one. If it is possible, then I don't have to switch to a cable while charging the tiny battery pack

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@That Purple Fox Should be safe - there is integrated protection circuitry should shut things down if things get out of spec. If the battery charges, it will probably charge pretty quickly.

I've done this before while testing, but never off another powerbank.

The issue here is that your Powercore isn't QC3.0 compatible. It seems like it's supplying enough current to the wireless adapter to then power that. Weird work around.

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@HackPerceptionSo then I should be safe Using the Anker Powerbank to charge the Vive powerbank while using the wireless adapter?

Here's the order of charging if it make smore sense this way: Anker Powercore (output via USB C) >>> (input via USB C) Vive Powerbank (Output via USB A) >>> Vive Wireless

My biggest worry with using a power bank to charge another is the potential for a critical malfunction due to discharging while being charged.

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