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MSI GF66 and HTC Vive


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Hello there,

Im Magdalena and I got a GF66 Laptop yesterday. I tried to get my HTC vive working but Win10 only accepts it as a monitor it seems...

In the nvidia graphics settings it showes the the HDMI which i connected the vive with, works on the integrated graphics card but not on the Geforce.

This laptop only has a HDMI and a USB c port.

Anything I can do about it ?


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So long story short:

This MSI GF66 Model doesnt support "Nvidia Optimus" or "Dedicated GPU" or "GPU SWITCH" or "GPU MUX" or "Hybrid mode" graphics which means,

that the Nvidia Chip 3050 Ti isnt connected to neither the USB.c or the HDMI connector, only the onboard is.

This makes the laptop trash for VR or external monitors and aswell significantly decrease the nvidias power.

Its such a suprise that MSI would sell these laptops in 2021 (they offer even 3070 or even 3080 in it).

I will return it and buy a proper laptop which supports a GPU switch for the iGPU and dGPU.

I found a list here https://jarrods.tech/list-of-gaming-laptops-with-mux-switch/


I posted this now so people might find this thread and understand the issue they have.

You can check if your nvidia GPU is connected to the HDMI or Displayport in the nvidia control panel under PhysX settings.

The connector MUST SHOW on the left side where the nvidia chip is, else VR will not work ( steamVR error code 213 )

TAGS: steamVR error 213, HTC Vive HDMI, Laptop iGPU dGPU, Display disconnected, MSI Katana GF66, MUX SWITCH, Nvidia Optimus, disable optimus,

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@Magdalena - Good post. I wasn't super familiar with the term "MUX Switch" and learned something from the linked articles.

What makes it even confusing is that so many laptop manufactures were doing "VR-ready" marketing just one generation ago.

I really wish OEMS would just directly state if their laptops had an MUX switch or not - it prevents customers from returning their products when they find out it isn't compatible with PCVR.

I think you may be able to do USB streaming on at least some of these, but native display port is definitely the desired goal.

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