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Can Vive Flow phone stream in stereoscopic 3D?


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There's a lot of 3D content available on phones.  Not just movies but games too.

When streaming my phone is there a way to enable stereoscopic 3D? 

I see the feature on the Vive video app but I would also like it for the phone streaming app.

Please add this feature!


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@Vivenado I'll ask about this - I haven't seen this question arise in this content. Are you talking about over Miracast? Do you have examples I can point to?

My gut check tells me that the content needs to be opened in a program that has a native WaveSDK integration, or that you'd have to get the file into a application that does (e.g. Vive Video). WebXR on Firefox might be able to playback supported content.

For other 3D content - it's wild west in terms of the format, and the DRM.

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