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Update stuck at 0%.

Alexandra Erin

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I haven't tried using my Flow since shortly after launch due to the general lack of functionality (no keyboard, no reclined/supine use, clunky interface for using it anywhere outside a defined boundary, etc.) and I was excited to find out that an update was addressing some of those issues. I left the Flow plugged in and updating when I went downstairs to make dinner, and when I came back upstairs hours later, I found that it had gone from about 20% done to 0% And it has stayed there.

I don't know if I screwed up the update process by taking my phone out of range of the headset or I'm supposed to be wearing it the whole time the progress bar loads, but it's currently not moving no matter what I do with the phone or the headset.  @Barried Tung

What should I be doing here?

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