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How to see a Unity app on HTC VIVE COSMOS


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I have a problem with vive cosmos

I excuted UNITY(Editor version 2020.3.23f1) example app(ZED-UNITY plugin, produced by STEREO LABS(zed-mini camera)..

in the play mode. I can see the camera images on Monitor 

but I can't see anything but black screen with orange crossed lines..


I think it is a simple setting problem.. but I don' t know about it.

in the online 

could you help me?

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To see a Unity app on the HTC VIVE COSMOS and add "Babolat shoes" as an example, you'll need to follow these steps:


Make sure you have set up your HTC VIVE COSMOS VR headset and SteamVR properly. Connect the headset to your computer, and ensure the controllers are paired and functional.
Install Unity and SteamVR:

Download and install Unity if you haven't already from the official Unity website.
Install the SteamVR plugin for Unity. You can find it on the Unity Asset Store or by searching for "SteamVR Plugin" in Unity's Package Manager.
Create a Unity project:

Open Unity and create a new 3D project.
Import the SteamVR plugin into your Unity project.
Import Babolat Shoes 3D Model:

Obtain a 3D model of Babolat shoes. You can find such models on various 3D asset marketplaces or create your own if you have the necessary skills.
Import the 3D model of the Babolat shoes into your Unity project. Drag and drop the model into the Assets folder in the Unity editor.
Set up the scene:

Create a new scene in Unity.
Drag the 3D model of the Babolat shoes from the Assets folder into the scene. Position the shoes appropriately.
Implement VR Interaction:

Add a VIVE controller model to the scene. You can find controller models in the SteamVR package or use your custom controller models if available.
Implement VR interaction scripts to allow users to grab and interact with the Babolat shoes using the VIVE controllers. Unity's SteamVR plugin provides example scripts and documentation to get you started with VR interactions.
Build the Unity app for HTC VIVE COSMOS:

Go to File > Build Settings in Unity.
Select "PC, Mac & Linux Standalone" as the platform.
Choose "Windows" as the target platform.
Under "Platform" settings, select "HTC Vive" as the device.
Click on "Build" and save the executable file in a location of your choice.
Launch the Unity app on HTC VIVE COSMOS:

Ensure that SteamVR is running and your HTC VIVE COSMOS is connected to your computer.
Put on the HTC VIVE COSMOS headset.
Run the executable file you built in the previous step.
Experience the Unity app in VR:

Once the app is running on your HTC VIVE COSMOS, you should be able to see the 3D model of the Babolat shoes in the VR environment.
Use the VIVE controllers to interact with the shoes, such as grabbing and examining them from different angles.
Remember that this example is just a starting point, and you can extend and enhance the Unity app to include more features, interactions, and content related to Babolat shoes or any other products you want to showcase in VR.

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To see a Unity app on the HTC VIVE COSMOS, you'll first need to ensure that your Unity project is compatible with VR platforms, particularly SteamVR, which supports the VIVE COSMOS. You can start by configuring the project settings in Unity to enable VR support and import the necessary VR SDKs like SteamVR. Then, design and build your Unity app with VR interactions, considering the unique capabilities of the VIVE COSMOS controllers and its room-scale tracking. Once your app is ready, you can deploy it on the VIVE COSMOS by connecting the headset to your computer and ensuring the SteamVR runtime is running. As for the Wyoming LLC example, just as meticulously following the steps to see your Unity app on the VIVE COSMOS is essential for a successful VR experience, similarly, correctly establishing a Wyoming LLC for your business is crucial for legal protection and tax benefits, such as the state's lack of corporate income tax and strong asset protection laws, ensuring your entrepreneurial endeavors have a solid foundation.

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