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Viveport Leaderboard SDK testing trouble.


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We're having trouble testing the viveport leaderboards. We've plugged it into the Unity build with the viveport id etc..


But we don't know how to launch a build that connects to it. We keep getting error "you are not the owner" and error code 5001 which indicates invalid account id.


Is there a way to launch a developer build? Or is there some other way to test this? The build is not in review yet.

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We aren't testing in a published build, as we didn't want to publish until we'd tested everything... So I guess the advice is publish, and then test it?


Edit: It is possible I am being completely dense here, but my understanding is: Viveport M has no beta channel, only production, and no way to grant entitlement to accounts other than the main app account while in development, so my understanding right now, is that you have to submit to production, get through your submission process, and then test your application using the public build downloaded from the store? Hence your offer of some free keys?


Somewhat related, it is also apparently not possible to test our integration of your DRM SDK, as it 100% fails the licence check even on the account that created the app (the leaderboards worked with this account but no other), and apparently we need a "test ID" to test it, but this does not exist on the dashboard for Viveport M. Hoping someone can point out if/where I am going wrong, or confirm there simply isn't a supported way of testing any of this outside of production.


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