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Vive Android APP


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Browsing around the other day I found Vive has an Android App!




Just looking at it - looks like it allows me to answer texts / phone calls whilst playing. Which would be EPIC! My wife could easily text / call me when I'm lost in VR. It also beats having to have someone walk over to the PC and 'knock'.


Anyone have an experience with it? Currently the ratings are quite atrocious :-(

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For Android, they have a VIVEPORT (STORE) app and the VIVE APP (for your phone connection) apps.


I use the Vive App to connect my phone. It works ok.. you have to make sure it is connected every once in awhile by going into the VIVE app on your PC. Plus, depending on your phone.. Android updates can cause issues.


But overall, I use it all the time. The text messaging is limited to pre-made responses.. but for me that is ok.. as long as I can text back I am in the Vive and not as some would presume after not answering the phone all day, dead. Taking calls is great.. but I am not good at giving hints to people to let me go.. so I end up sitting in my living room with the Vive headset on talking to someone about their day, etc... ugh!


Anyway.. it is the main reason I bought the Vive over the Rift and works well enough for me.

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