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Quarter Midget Racing Prototype


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This is just a very rough little prototype I have put together, mainly focused on AI with no final assets or sounds. I don't have a VR headset, and really I'm just looking to pick the brain of other developers who have worked in VR and can kind of give me a little advice on what I might be overlooking or not anticipating in bring this project into VR. I've did a lot of under the hood work and have an idea what this project would take financially to finish, so I just really want a clear picture on what to expect before I throw money at a headset. I've read all the tech stuff possible for the two big headsets, but I know there are intangible things that only people with experience can shed a light on.



You'll have to excuse the protoype car, if I do decide to try integrating VR, I want my final assets to be designed with a headset on hand so they'll be optimal. Any advice or insights would be insanely helpful and appreciated.

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