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Using Tracker 3.0 and Base stations 2.0 for camera tracking into Unreal Engine 4.27


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In researching what the best/affordable solution was in order to get camera tracking into UE4.27 I came across info on the web that said it was possible to achieve it with Vive Trackers and base stations plus a single controller. I don't want to use Vive for a  VR experience so I don't need a headset. However trying to connect all the elements without a headset in SteamVR is proving difficult. I saw on Youtube that if you downloaded an earlier version of SteamVR (1.9.16) you could adjust some simple code and it would work. I cannot find this version to download, and wondered if anybody had any advice to help me get going with this. Thanks.

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  • SteamVR is a consumer-facing tool. It's going to be exponentially easier to navigate certain parts of the SteamVR compositor's UI and toolest (e.g Room Setup) if you have a headset and 2 controllers. This can be extreemly helpful for roomsetup.
  • I've never heard that you you'd need a controller. I'm not sure what purpose the controller would serve. There'd be zero way for the controller to communciate with SteamVR because in a standard setup, the controller connects to one of two bluetooth recievers within a SteamVR-tracking headset.
  • Valve does not allow you to download previous versions of SteamVR for security reasons. If you know how to manhandle the Steam client - you can technically pull old clients down, but there are UX gaps.
  • You'd need to set up a "null HMD" driver to use SteamVR without a headset. Triad Semicondutor used to have a guide that I referenced, but it's now offline and I can't find anything psudeooffical to link to.

If you have basestation 2.0, you need to use the pinhole on the back of one of the stations to manually change the channel of that station. Otherwise, both stations will be broadcasting on channel 1 and will interfere with each other out.

Overall, this is not considered a "supported" setup by HTC because SteamVR changes frequently and it's a consumer-facing tool meant to be used by full VR kits.

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Thanks HP, one other question if I may... if that's the case could I buy a basic HTC Vive Kit with HMD, 2 x BS's and controllers and add them to my BS2's and Tracker 3.0, are they all compatible?


Many thanks for any help,


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