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Losing Tracking with 2 Basestations


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I have a vive pro with wireless as well as 1.0 trackers, index controllers and 2 1.0 basestations. Recently, when I have 2 basestations setup I get a lot of drift/floating/glitching from my vive trackers (waist one specifically)

I have done the following: 

-Switched out basestations/trackers

-no reflections/dongles are good distance/ basestations can see eachother 

-uninstalled reinstalled hard reset everything 

-basestations set to channels b and c 


How would I fix this issue? It only begins to occur when I connect a 2nd 1.0 basestation. The trackers/index controllers begin to glitch away and drift around to where I cant use the vr properly. 

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